Saturday, 3 January 2009

BRAT Statement on 61st Independent Day

On behalf of BRAT, would like to celebrate the 61st   Independent day of the Union of Burma with depress and distress.

It was in 4th January 1948, Burma the named of gotten Independent from Britain with a lot of misery and sacrifices of not only Burmans but also all racial people living in Burma. But it was only a transition the power from imperialism to a purified, Burmanized Buddhism, where not only gave the birth of racial, religious riots but also created the system of hatred policy as well as dominated on minorities by majorities without their (minorities) will, especially on our Rohingya people, who have been rightly called the worst victims of Burmese government’s crimes against humanity.

 Now 61 years later when we are going to count what we have got and lost, it can be seen clearly that the Military’s misrule brings misery for the Burmese people, so, many of the ethnic leaders are realizing that, these Burmans are betrayed to them (minorities) and it continuing till today on all racial including Rohingya, minority,. It is questionable that, either, of the country ruler, regime or the so-called exiled democratic leaders who are crying out and using the word of democracy restorers are not much different, where they both (exiled leaders and regime) are violating and showing disrespect of the minority’s rights. Additionally, the so-called Burmese democracy leaders within the Burmese dissidents have been denying the Rohingya issue, esp. the impact of the 1982 Citizenship Act, which has effectively forced them to as "stateless" people of Burma. A richest country in the Asia in 1958 survey, dragged to a poorest country in the world now, in spite of its gem stone, timber, oil and gas reserves, people have not got any benefit from this massive of wealth except the regime.

This is the time to consider, that the people of Burma wanted, in stead of bewildering to understand any request from the people of Burma by the worst regime. Subsequently, we all democratic forces have to change the discriminating policy and take step to work with purified heart for the sake of all racial with equal.  Unilaterally, we will work much harder than we are doing now and providing opportunity of accommodating to all racial activists in equal to play the role of politics to change militarization to democratization including those of Rohingya.
BRAT Information Desk