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BRAT Refutation to Racist Rakhaing Letter to U Thein Sein

Source from mayyunaddi, 21 Mar 2012

First of all as a native of Maungdaw,I would like to say that the letter to U Thein Sein which was written by some former Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) aka MASALA followers non native migrated Rakhaing was completely baseless and funny.I rejected the facts and condemned it.

Note: U Kyaw Nu is a former student leader of Rangoon University who led demonstration in relating to the U Thant, the then UN Secretary General

Here, I would like to present and discuss about Aung Myo Min @Jahangir (MP-Arakan State Parliament);
He is graduated from Rangoon University (RASU) and a senior teacher of High School ,Maungdaw. His father U Rachid Ahamed was an elected MP of U Nu's democratic government and was also a teacher of State Middle School of Kyin Chaung (Bawli Bazar).

Aung Myo Min (a) Jahangir MP's grand father's father was Late Gazi Abdul Gafur Chowdhury who was a Zawmindar and an owner (ruler ) of Gazirbill Estate.The whole land of the area is owned by him.
Aung Myo Min (a)Jahangir MP's grand father's maternal grand father was Dobashi Mohamed Ali Chowdhury who was a Zaminder and an owner (ruler ) of Gnan Chaung Estate(Naine Chaung) .He was a single owner of land of the estate.In Burmese it called (Pyuu zuu gaung) as like as Sawbwa in Shan State.the said Dobashi Mohamed Ali Chowdhury was also maternal grand father of mine. In this famliy connection ,Aung Myo Min @ Jahangir is my nephew. As per our family tradition, he has to regard me as his father and I have to love and admire him as my own son.

However ,the readers can analyses here , e a Banghow USDP MP Sayar Aung Myo Min Jahangir s/o Sayar Rashid Ahmed MP can bangali ??
He can proudly state his grand father's grand fathers family records and names. He can proudly state his relatives were enjoyed the top bureaucratic posts like Auditor General (Ngwe Saryinn Mingyi ), Post Master General (Sar Thai Mingyi), President's gold medal awarded police high ranking officer,University teacher ,Divisional and District high ranking officers etc.
How JahangirMP can be a Bangali foreigner ??
If the reader will like to know more ,you can get more detail of him from my cousins U Saw Lwin (Retired in 1988 as Audit General ) and U Aung Myint (Retired in 2000s as Divisional /District Administration officer) who are living in Rangoon.The said persons are uncles of him.

The others USDP /NDDP MPs are also descendant of a well to do families.They can present their fore fathers' records.
I can bravely challenge that there is not a single Bangali in Arakan.Every Rohingya has fore fathers' family records.They are glorious decsdant of Rohang/Arakan.

If the U Thein Sein's Administrations were not drunk ,they will not believe this type of low grade letter.
U Ne Win made so called laws including 1982 were okayed for a few collaborators. They are former MASALA's brain children racists. Even this black laws can't challenge the Rohingyas .Our History used to start since the human explored the area Rohang/Arakan. We don't need to care this barking dogs.Their times are counting.We will defend our identities since a Rohingya was alive.

Maung Kyaw Nu
Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT)

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