Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rohingya Leader Meets President of East Timor

reported by BRAT,
An evening party with noble laureate president Jose Manuel Ramos-Horta was held at Foreign Corespondents Club of Thailand-FCCT at 8pm of yesterday.
The president was the signal speaker about world politic, UN mild rules, corruption free society and rules of law.

President Ramos briefing in the Evening Party

The hundred of attendees were from diplomats, academics, high level officials, NGOs, UN officials and news agencies .
Maung Kyaw Nu, leader of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand-BRAT handed a letter to present Ramos and personally briefed Rohingya issue. BRAT leader praised humanly treating of Rohingya boatpeople and generously offering them permanent residency in Timor.

President Ramos(left) and Maung Kyaw Nu

The letter states, "recent little political changes in Burma seem to be moving forward and most of the matters including ethnic tensions are going to be eased. However, the situation of Rohingya is still primitive and therefore the future of Rohingya is much depend on the successive leader like Suu Kyi. However, the circumstances of her victory about 6% in regime run parliament, is still in difficult position to solve existing ethnic problems specifically about Rohingya."

with a member of UN Human Rights official

Kyaw Nu invites the president to visit Arakan to witness miserable lives of Rohingya. He recalled the president's entry and visits as a human rights instructor at Karan Revolution and liberated areas during 1994 where he met the president Ramos.
Ramos also talked about Ms Suu Kyi and dictator Than Shwe. He pointed out that sanction didn't work well except from making army generals to be billionaires when the country has good cooperation from her neighbours.

He added, "ASEAN should be more powerful and transparent and so his country hopes to be member of ASEAN soon."

"In solidarity with Burmese people and in the spirit of Freedom, I hope You will keep raising our Rohingya issues and you will not forget us in support of our plight," the letter further states. BRAT leader hopes noble peace prize winner could play an important role for Rohingya internationally.
with Mr Chaiya Richard Holy (GM) of  FCCT

FYI: The photos of well known photo-journalist Suthep Kritsanvarin are grandly exhibited at FCCT for 33 days from 8th May to 10 June.

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