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Livelihoods and Community: Sustainable Solutions for the Forgotten Rohingyas and Host Communities in Mae Sot

Livelihoods and Community: Sustainable Solutions for the Forgotten Rohingyas and Host Communities in Mae Sot

Rohingyas and other vulnerable Myanmar Muslim communities are living in a de facto refugee and protracted displacement situation. In line with the European Union’s Aid to Uprooted People (AUP) programme objectives, the proposed actions will help vulnerable Rohinyas, other marginalised Myanmar Muslims and Thai persons, through community development, education and skills acquirement, to build sustainable livelihoods with a view to the local integration or potential repatriation of Rohingya and Myanmar Muslim populations currently living in Thailand.
The overall objectives of this action are two-fold: firstly, to promote livelihood opportunities and the socio-economic self-reliance of vulnerable Rohingya, Myanmar Muslim and disadvantaged Thais in communities in Tak province; and secondly, to strengthen and facilitate the relationships, understanding and cooperation between vulnerable Rohingya, other marginalised Myanmar Muslims, Thai communities, NGOs, CBOs, and other relevant stakeholders. In these regards the action will relate to livelihoods, education and community development.
Key Objectives
The proposed action intends to:
  1. Provide vocational training to vulnerable Rohingya, Myanmar Muslim and Thai youth (15-25) in community leadership and humanitarian skills training;
  2. Provide vocational training to a further vulnerable Rohingya, Myanmar Muslim and Thai women in income-generation skills including sewing and general financial mathematics/accounting skills; 
  3. Promote the importance of education within households and communities; 
  4. Establish a “Household Support Fund” (HSF) to help to relieve some of the financial burden associated with child education; 
  5. Contribute to community development, participation and integration through the establishment of a joint Rohingya, Myanmar Muslim and Thai, Local Community Youth Council (LCYC) which will encourage positive community cohesion and facilitate various community events.
Alongside all of these actions will be an effort to raise awareness among beneficiaries and stakeholders of the project activities and the issues facing vulnerable and displaced Rohingya, Myanmar Muslim and Thai persons.
Time-frame: The action will take place over a period of 24 months, beginning 15 January 2013 and end 14 January 2015.
Location: Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand
This project is co-financed by the European Union (EU), Aid to Uprooted People in Thailand (AUP) programme and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
For further details, please contact:
Ms. Claudia Natali
Labour Migration Programme Manager
IOM Thailand
Tel: +66 2343 9354

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