Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Burmese Military shoot two Rohingya man

Telephonic information from reliable source It is known that  Myanmar army (Military) who are camped at the Rakhine village to the  east of Nurulla Village, Maungdaw township fired two (2) innocent Rohingya man mentioned below.

On 25th Feb 2013 at about 2.00 Pm (Myanmar time) that  victims went to the forest for firewood to cook rice with some villager which is 2 miles far to the east from their village. At about 3:30 pm they were shoot to death.

The next day, 26th Feb 2013 at 7:00 am all the village went to the forest and brought that dead body to the village and inform Maungdaw police camp and Magin Chaung Na Sa Ka camp, No action is going on. Up to now the funeral are not done.

The victims are

(1) Mohammed Roshid   s/o Lal Meya  (32 years old) Nurulla Village  around 4 miles south of Maungdaw. Shoot under the
      right ear and took out the left eye.
(2) Mohammed Sayed   s/o Amir Hamza (42 years old) Nurulla village. Cut both legs and hand.

Earnestly requested to take urgent step to save Rohingya communities lives.
Source-Hussain Ali

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