Sunday, 8 December 2013

Secret Gulags Confirmed by News Agency


Every day captives die.Yesterday morning I was informed one died at the trafficker's camp . Four beautiful Rohingya women are gang raped around the clocks despite their relatives paid 7000 Ringit (Malaysian currency) to the traffickers.The unlucky Rohingya women /girls are not get released because of sexual enjoyment by the traffickers. The captives are served stream water , less food ,mosquitoes bite ,no medicines, sleep on wet places causes daily deaths. Most of detainees release who caught again by traffickers are naturally sick and  have  no resistance power in their bodies .The new comers are all so very weak due to their long voyage to Thailand. As an activist I receive heart bleeding news from different areas.Many captives news are unknown  and  guess that they were already sold to fishing trawlers and some already died in the jungle. The solution is only protect them in their birth place by deploying UN Peace Keeping Forces. If not the Rohingya boat people tragedies at the traffickers concentration camps will be continued. We are so helpless and we don't know how to solve this humanitarian crisis. The Burmese Rohingya Association ,BRAT, members have knocked UN doors  many times since June 2012 and only asking for deployment of UNPKF to protect the Rohingyas from genocide. We didn't see any action from Mr.Ban Ki Moon except a few condemning resolutions from UNGA. He is well aware about solving genocidal cases through convening UN Security Council UNSC meeting and urgent sending Peace Keeping Forces in Arakan. Due to UN failure of timely action ,our Rohingyas are experiencing  untold losses inside and out side of our country.We are ardently appealing towards the civil society of the world to save the Rohingyas from extinction from the earth. Rohingya situation is so dire everywhere and we feel very friendless .

Maung Kyaw Nu

A Phuketwan journalist being assisted through the jungle near a secret camp
A Phuketwan journalist being assisted through the jungle near a secret camp
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Secret Gulags Confirmed by News Agency

By Alan Morison and Chutima Sidasathian
Thursday, December 5, 2013
Latest A long, detailed report by Reuters news agency adds weight today to Phuketwan's investigation into the abuses and killings of Rohingya boatpeople in secret camps in Thailand's jungle. More »(Click and read here detail)


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