Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Rohingyas: No Name = No Existence

No Name = No Existence

Asalamu Alaikum,

Burmese government is very shrewd and smart in the way they play their cards.

They are focused on making sure that no one even utters the name "Rohingya." Unfortunately they are successful in their strategy.
  • They have ASEAN countries silent on the issue
  • Now the UN Secretary General is going general in statement instead of mentioning the name as they did in the past
  • Secretary Kerry failed to publicly mention Rohingya
At Burma Task Force we insist on the use of the name Rohingya. If you have no name you don't exist. You have no rights. You are a stateless person.

President Barack Obama will be making a visit to Burma this November. We would like him to make sure that he uses the term Rohingya as opposed to Secretary John Kerry's visit where the term Rohingya was nowhere to be mentioned. President Obama powerfully stated "Rohingyas… hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do" in 2012.

Burmese Government itself used to do the following:
  • Rohingyas used to be citizens until 1982.
  • Burmese government had a Rohingya language radio program
  • Rohingyas used to vote
  • Burmese Encyclopedia published by the Burmese government includes a catogary as Rohingyas.
Rohingyas are indigenous people of Burma living in their ancestral land on the border of Burma and Bangladesh.

There used to be 5 million Burmese Muslims including Rohingyas. Now only 3 million are left. What happened to the 2 million is the story of the hidden genocide.

Your Assets

  • Your time and your dua
  • Your family, their time and dua
  • Your phone book
  • Your email list
  • Your Tweets
  • Your masjid
Could you please make sure that the next two weeks you do spare ten or fifteen minutes a day to mobilize the above resources you have. And here is what they can do:

10 Minutes a Day Actions to Take

Day 1:

  • Call President Obama to build on his positive message of 2012 by mentioning Rohingyas in his public remarks along with other minorities at 202-456-1111. 
  • Tweet that you called him and ask he use the term Rohingya @BarakObama

Day 2: 

  • Call 2 friends asking them to do the same.
  • Favorite their tweet

Day 3:    

  • Send an email to your relatives to follow these steps
  • Donate a week's cost of coffee, soda, or snacks to

Day 4: 

  • Make sure that your masjid is including Rohingyas or Burmese Muslims in their dua.
  • Ask masjid to use their email list to send out this action alert

Day 5:  

  • Print this action alert, copy and distribute to your friends.

Tweet About Rohingya:

Visit our Twitter page to take part in our twitter campaign.

Rohingyas: No Name = No Existence

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