Thursday, 14 September 2017

River of Rohingya Corpses still Misinformation for Suu Kyi (Video)

Source Rohingyavision, 9 Sept

River of Rohingya Corpses still Misinformation for Suu Kyi (Video)

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When the military and its Rakhine militia commit savagery in its worst form by hacking or beating to death, burning alive, shooting dead, Mass-killing, etc., Daw Aung San Suu Kyi covers up the atrocities and protects those criminals saying that there are 'misinformation' being spread in media. This stand of hers aggravated the situation and this shows how the two major partners share an ethnic-cleansing coordinately.

07 September 2017 - Rohingya Corpses in Naf River ...  video

Inline image 1▶ 1:22

This is a video taken by some Bangladeshi locals helping refugees in Naf River. Without description, the video itself is talking how mercilessly the lives of the people in the video taken. For more video, visit our Eyewitness playlists on YouTube.

After all these, Let the State Counsellor Office Information Committee or the government spokesperson Zaw Htay lie that those people have suicided, as they usually lie that 'Rohingya burned their own homes'. Where is Suu Kyi's fake news?

The following picture is of another incident.


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