Monday, 27 January 2014

Traffickers' Camp Raided, Rohingya 'Rescued' as Thailand Goes Over to the Dark Side

by Maung Kyaw Nu

It is good news that 532 Rohingyas were rescued from deathly trafficker's camp. There are more secret camps and hundreds of thousands are kept as hostages serving less food and beating daily .The women captives and regularly raped and die daily. It is also very sad news that all the rescued Rohingyas were detained again extremely cramped conditions in small cells where five Rohingya died last year at Sadao IDC only due to unhealthy atmosphere.The detaining genocide escapees Rohingya is fully against the international law and 1951 Refugee convention.These rescued Rohingyas should be sheltered in Refugee camps supervised by United Nation High Commission for Refugees UNHCR. In the main times some of these victims were recycling in between detention center and concentration camps of traffickers. By considering this, please release all the Rohingyas detainees and send them to the refugee camps or release them with UNHCR recognition certificate . If they are released by issuing temporary document ,the traffickers business will be automatically stopped. Our call to the Thai government is to trace out traffickers and book for trail and not to arrest the dying Rohingyas. We are also deeply afraid that all these 532 detainees will be again felt at the trap of traffickers if they are released simply at the boarder of Burma. Then there will be another Rohingya trade very soon every head @ minimum 2000 US Dollars x 532 persons=1,064000 USD more than a million dollars in total. The Rohingya trafficking is many times profitable than drugs business. Many people aware of racist U Thein Sein regime of Burma that discrimination against the Rohingyas. Even last week ,hundreds of Rohingya were chopped to death and many women are still being raped . Therefore ,this is my ardent request to deal with this detainees as refugees as per international standard. Please stop reaching outside Rohingyas to the detainees. Among the traffickers ,a few Rohingya are also involved . Some of them pretend as politicians ,social workers and interpreters. If local government officials work hard ,all the traffickers can be easily arrested.The boat people tragedy should be stopped if United Nations protected the Rohingyas from newly chair of ASEAN U Thien Sein's racist regime.
Maung Kyaw Nu
The dark side: ''Rescued'' Rohingya in Pedang Besar last night
The dark side: ''Rescued'' Rohingya in Pedang Besar last night

Traffickers' Camp Raided, Rohingya 'Rescued' as Thailand Goes Over to the Dark Side

By Chutima Sidasathian and Alan Morison
Monday, January 27, 2014
Latest Twelve months on from raids that ''rescued'' more than 2000 Rohingya, Thai officials raid a secret traffickers' camp and save 532 ''Burmese Muslims.'' More »

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