Sunday, 30 December 2012

452 Rohingya Refugees Detained In Langkawi

     Arakan is a Killing Field .

We are not appreciating any Rohingya choosing dangerous boat journey where hundreds of people end their lives whether in the water or at the hands of heartless human smugglers  .Though there is genocide and Rohingyas are unprotected ,this kinds of tragedies are common today. The Thein Sein and Aye Maung regime directly pushing the Rohingyas in to the sea.Their hidden policy is to make Rohoingya free Arakan.

    There were  hundreds of boat people arrest news in Thailand ,Malaysia, Indonesia ,Australia ,Indila and Bangladesh at the end of December.Many are undocumented and missed .

   In this connection ,I would like to ask UN and global community to  save the Rohingyas from extinction through deployment of UN Peace Keeping Forces in Arakan.

    We have been sincerely asking this peaceful solution since June. Rohingya die daily due to four cut plan of U Thien Sein. If these are allowed to go further,Arakan will be remain a human killing place in world History.

   Maung Kyaw Nu.
December 30, 2012 23:49 PM

LANGKAWI, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- A total of 452 Rohingyas who entered the waters of Langkawi illegally were detained about 1.30 pm today at the Teluk Burau beach here.

Langkawi police chief Supt Harrith Kam Abdullah said their 30-metre wooden boat neared the beach and a few refugees were seen jumping ashore and asking for water.

It is understood that the group, including women and children, set sail from Myanmar 12 days ago and were charged USD300 per person by an unknown agent, he said.

They have since been placed at the Langkawi police head quarters and will be transferred to the Immigration detention centre for further investigations, he added.


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