Saturday, 15 December 2012


9:44 PM (3 hours ago)

This mail was sent to me .But what can I do ? There are mails and phone calls from the ground most of the time.It makes me sick,cry and heart break suffering .We can't be sit idle .We must have to come out and take responsibility as a principle duty.
Maung Kyaw Nu 
1. The NASAKA form Shwezá Village track camp N0-14 in Maungdaw  come to the Shwezá Village track about 11 pm in name of family list check and they torture innocent men and women and extort money. The NASAKA officer U Kyaw Min and Rashid s/o Khalilur Rahman(Kaakuwee Batu) lead this night operation team. 
2. They take away the family lists with them if the family unable to manage money for them. The following day the family must go to the camp pay the demanded money to get back their family lists. It is very unfortunate and sad that the villagers face acute starvation due to constant extortion. 
3. The NASAKA extorted money at night on 13th and 14th December, 2012 from the below listed villagers:
1. Nazir Hussain s/o Nurul Islam-45
2. Ibrahim Khalil s/o Shahib Meah-60
3. Zia Uddin s/o Zakaria-35
4. Abdu Shukkur s/o Noor Hussain-35
5. Noor Alam s/o Hussain-25
6. Abdul Hashim s/o Abdul Rahman
7. Nurul Islam s/o Nur Ahmed-70
8. Harun s/o Mohd Noor-42
9. Yassin s/o Bashir-45
10. Marizan d/o Unknown
11. Kurban Ali s/o Sayed Ahmed-45
12. Mohd Siddek s/o Mohammed
13. Nu s/o -32
4. They also dishonor young girls and women whole night and go back to their camp at dawn. All the villagers live in great fear. 
In the above circumstances I would like to request Your Excellency to take the necessary step as early as possible. 
I thank you in advance. 

Yours faithfully ,

            (The sender name is omitted -40 yrs.
           Shwezá Village track
           Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

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