Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pray for Myanmar’ ceremony draws leaders of four religions

‘Pray for Myanmar’ ceremony draws leaders of four religions

An interfaith event in Yangon drew leaders of four major religions yesterday to work together to bring calm to Myanmar after last week’s deadly rioting spread tension across the country.

“The current incidents are only a trap. We need to be ever vigilant against the involvement in possible violence,” Islamic religious leader Aye Lwin said at the Pray for Myanmar meeting at the YMCA in Botahtaung township.

 “The violence is a national concern for the entire people. The military dictatorship need not return. All that is required is to restore rule of law. My attitude is the same as that of Myanmar Muslim National Affairs Organisation,” Aye Lwin told Eleven Media.
Buddhists must cultivate a benevolent attitude. We must show respect to one another, monk U Kawnanya told the gathering.

Christian priest Tmity Cathldsai Chasch said that calmness and living in peaceful coexistence in the midst of conflict would make Myanmar’s reputation shine throughout the world. Unity and coexistence are essentials in avoiding the conflict, he said, adding that unity would be proof conflict instigated under the pretext of race and religion could be prevented.
Hindu leader Aung Naing said Muslims had lived for generations together with their Buddhist neighbours.

Islamic youth leader Zaw Min Latt said, “we have grown up in Myanmar and understand the gratitude we will have to owe Myanmar.”
“If Myanmar people want to study at our mosques in all parts of Myanmar, I will guide them. Only then will suspicions disappear. All are welcome. We have sacrificed for Myanmar since the time of our earliest ancestors. For instance, if Myanmar and a Muslim country are at war, we will sacrifice only for Myanmar. We will spend our life until our death only in Myanmar,” he said.

Blogger Nay Phone Latt said, “we need to remember we are Myanmar citizens despite believing any religion. We are required to live in peaceful coexistence ... We need to remove extreme views.”
Poets recited peace and friendship poems for four religions at the event.

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