Sunday, 21 April 2013

Waiting for Diplomatic Solution breeds new GENOCIDES in Burma.

By Maung Kyaw Nu,  President of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand ,B.R.A.T 21 April 2013.
This is one sided genocide on Muslims in Meikhtilar.  The lair Thien Sein govt said only 40 people were killed .According to the field news more than three hundreds Muslim were killed or burned to death.In one place 31 students and four teachers were killed and burned in Meikhtila,Mandalay Division.The burning of house and property is still seen there.
Up to now the gang leader Wirathu and leading figures of genocide  are not booked for trail. This was fully government sponsored planned genocide.We had many evidences before and after the genocides. Wirathu and all gang stars are above the law.Some ex generals and govt created this Wirathu group to implement their divide and rule mechanism to finish the religious minority Muslim and ethnic Rohingyas. It was a long plan Bo Ne Win ,a Chinese ,came in to power from back door in 1962.He was an architect of Buddhist-Socialism .He and all his followers are nastic and racists.His brain children are running the country  with Racism .

The news media of Burma is fully controlled. The situation of Muslims of Burma is dire.They pass the times in full of fear.They are nationally unprotected in their own country.The whole Rohingyas and Muslims of Burma  need PROTECTION AND FOODS for survival.The 4 cuts plan of 969 make the Muslims lives as prisoners in the concentration camp.Their freedom and fundamental rights are interrupted fully.

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