Monday, 29 July 2013


'Gangs behind Rohingya escape'

Immigration Police say they know who was behind the mass escape of 18 Rohingya from the Phang Nga shelter on July 21 and are closing in on them.

Phang Nga and Ranong immigration officers on Wednesday night took into custody a Rohingya woman and four children while they were on a Bangkok-bound train.

"The woman was assisted by people outside the shelter. They told her they were sent by relatives and were there to help," Phang Nga immigration chief Neti Khanboon said.

"They convinced her to go to Bangkok, where they said relatives were waiting for her," he said.

"At this stage we know of two to three gangs who do this. They always pretend to be relatives or claim to be helping and that relatives were waiting for them. 

"Once the Rohingya have left the shelter, the gangs have networks to smuggle them to other provinces," he said.

The four children and the woman have been returned to the shelter.

"They have been kept there a long time, about eight months. That could be making them feel uncomfortable and decide to flee the shelter," he said.

sorce-The Nation Newspaper of Thailand.

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