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Woman Nine Months Pregnant Joins Escape of Boatpeople North of Phuket

Rohingya at the Khao Lak shelter watch a reenactment of the June escape
Rohingya at the Khao Lak shelter watch a reenactment of the June escape
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Maung Kyaw Nu' s comment about the fate of 2000  Rohinghyas at detention in Thailand. Rohingyas here opposed  secrete plan and asked Gov. of Thailand  to facilitate UNHCR ,
Every detention center in the south are directly or indirectly under the control of traffickers and their god fathers . Most of the translators or helpers serve traffickers' interest to organize the victims to sneak out for selling. I fully agree that every inmates escaped from the the centers got well connection rings traffickers . If the neutral party investigate it the real trafficking net work must be come out.

I learned that the authority took signatures of Rohingya detainees at Deknut (Sadao) yesterday by saying Rohingyas that they will be sent at the border line of Burma from where they can easily enter Malaysia through help on policy. The authority also invited the leaders of Islamic center of Hadjai to be witnesses of this signature occasion of Rohingyas. I am sure this conspiracy is masterminded by the traffickers' agents who are at large at detention centers . The trafficker's agents always misguide the detainees by providing false news .
This is our sincere request to the concerned parties to save the Rohingya detainees from traffickers' danger plan . We would also like to ask the Thai Government to shelter them at Refugge camp under the supervision of United Nation High Commission for Refugees UNHCR. The Refuggees fate should be decided as per international standard .
We don't like to see the same setback of 2011 ,where all released Rohingya detainees at Mae Sod fell at the hands of traffickers . That so called soft deportation /help on policy was proposed by some NGOs at that time. Since that times border trafficking has been worked . Its increases day by day .
Therefore this's my ardent request before the Royal Thai government to deal with these 2000 Rohingyas humanly who escaped from genocide . Please handle their cases with full engagement of UNHCR only . The other parties' engagements are doubtful in this connection at his moment . We would have also doubtful of secrete meeting convening in Bangkok.
The medias ,Human Right Watch ,The Amnesty Inter National etc must be invited every meeting in the regards of Rohingya detainees.
Without Rohingya representatives ,every meeting regarding Rohingya detainees' fate is absolutely meaningless. Please respect human rights and help the Rohinyas in proper way.

Thank you.
Maung Kyaw Nu
Posted by Maung Kyaw Nu,President,Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT) on July 15, 2013

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