Thursday, 9 May 2013

Myanmar army continues to live in denial over abuses

Credid-Bangkok Post
  • Published: 9 May 2013 at 00.00
  • BY Brad Adam ,HRW
Myanmar's rapidly evolving political landscape produced another symbolic event at the recent Armed Forces Day parade.
Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi attended for the first time, sitting alongside generals in the viewing stands as thousands of troops, tanks and missiles passed by.
An open question is who needed who more _ a deeply unpopular military seeking the aura of an international icon and Nobel Peace Prize winner, or a newly minted politician seeking to change constitutional provisions that currently bar her from running for president in 2015?
To the surprise of many, despite the fact that she and the rest of the country suffered 50 years of brutal military rule that devastated every sphere of the country, Mrs Suu Kyi has decided that her future lies in making friends with and perhaps co-opting the military, or the Tatmadaw.

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