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Will Thailand Really Send Children Back?

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Unwanted, the Rohingya babe born stateless on a boat off Thailand

Will Thailand Really Send Children Back?

Sunday, April 28, 2013
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PHUKET: The boy born at sea is thriving, just like all the Rohingya children who have spent three months in care at a refuge centre north of Phuket.

They run, they jump, they play football and hang from trees, like very active pieces of fruit.
When these children first came ashore from their rickety Rohingya boats, they were motionless. They did not move much. Their faces were rigid and unsmiling.

This is probably natural when your life is endangered on a perilous voyage, fleeing Burma, the homeland where they are not considered citizens and where violence, rape and brutality are common these days.

The difference in the behavior of the children now is remarkable, as our photographs show.

How long will their happiness last? It's now three months since Thai officials ruled that the Rohingya ''rescued'' from boats and from human trafficking camps would be assessed and their futures decided over a period of six months.

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