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Five days of well planned ethnic-cleansing taking place against defenceless unarmed in Arakan state of western Burma: Urgent UN's interventi​on is only option

Press statement-
"Five days of well planned ethnic-cleansing taking place against defenceless unarmed in Arakan state of western Burma"

....................Urgent UN's interventi​on is only option.........................

"Please do something to save Rohingya as a Human being from well planned ongoing massacre."
In brief: At least 300 Rohingyans from Maungdaw and more than 400 Rohingyans from Sittwe were shot dead and brutally beaten to death and other several hundreds of Rohingyans taken away are missing. At least, Rohingya houses in 40 villages from Maungdaw and Almost all Rohingya villages from Sittwe/Akyab city were burn down. Beside, the fates of hundreds of Rohingya women and children escaped by boats are unknown..

It's a serious crimes carry out against Rohingya in inside Arakan state that ignited from a Rakhine girle dead in her own Rakhine village of Tha-bray-chaung ward of Kyauknimaw village on 28 May 2012 and ten Muslims killed in a mob attacks by 300 Rakhines in Taungup township on 3 June 2012. From the beginning of violence, the security forces are sided with Rakhine people and explored more brutal violences against Rohingyans. Security armed forces involving Rakhine people are brutally shooting and killing, burning Rohingyan villages including religious buildings, destroying shop lots and looting goods and cash.
The government does not show any sign to stop on going crimes committing by its Rakhine people and security forces, unlike it said in Naypyidaw office. Rakhine people are given authorization to continuously carry out attacking, killing, torching fire and looting with the support of security forces. Likewise, the government also ordered to leave all NGOs from northern Arakan state and showing its sympathy by contributing of aid to those terror Rakhines' members. There is no consideration at all about Rohingya victims of women, children and those injuries in their own villages. Since the beginning of violence, a few number of Rohingyans were able to escape and the rest are ending-up between gun-fires of security forces and lethal knives of Rakhine people. 

Security forces continue to impose curfew on Rohingya while Rakhine people are freely allowing to carry out crimes. And foods and waters and communication are cut-off by authority since the beginning of violence. So, it is all about we have not escalated how making them end. Historically, such well planned ethnic-cleansing pogroms were took place against Rohingya in 1942, 1949, 167/68, 1978 and later of 1991. This time it's well organized that Rakhine people with the supports of the government armed forces are openly carrying out. While international media are unable to reach into the areas where violences are carried out by terrorist Rakhines jointly with security forces, the local Burmese news groups are prepared to take video shooting of the dead bodies of Rohingyans by dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk, putting guns on captive Rohingyans and misinforming to the world. Including Yangon Press International, U.S. based VOA news agency and other anti-Rohingya news agencies release fabricated news from the beginning..

My sister and mother plus relatives and friends are also gone into missing. My colleagues based in Yangon are reporting to politicians including NLD members, student leaders and high-ranking authorities. But there is no one can interfere.. Therefore, there are urgently in need of intervention by intl communities, world leaders and Rohingya people living in foreign.

............................ In Maungdaw township ....................
Tuesday, 12 June
11:30pm: Police, Paramilitary forces and Rakhines set fire on 3 houses of Rohingyas in Ward-(2) of Bomu Fara. Police officer Aung Kyaw Khant is leading in this operation.
Police arrested many Rohingya men and youth in Maungdaw and forced them to wear Indian-dresses (or something similar to a molvi). And put each a gun on their shoulders and a backpack on their back, in order to perform as Taliban or Mujahid fighters. This piece will be circulated in the media soon.
Authority giving warning with loud speaker that whoever accommodating refuges and injured person they will be arrested.

Monday, 11 June 
Midnight: a group of Rakhines were entered into the Ali Thangyaw (Haisuratha) and tried to torch the religious school but the villagers had able to drive them away. Then security forces were shooting gun-fires.

07:15am: U Ba Than Military Office (Camp no.378) shot two Rohingyas.

09:30am: A few Rohingyan houses were burning in Maungdaw Quarter(4).
After Declare of State of emergency by President Thein Sein, this morning local time 8:30 am some of Rakhine with the co-operation of police & Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) were entered Bomu-fara. Firstly, their are taken away property & burn 5-7 houses of Rohingya Community. At the same time, some of Rakhine monk were trying to stop burring house behind them one or two Photographer are taken picture to record their documentary as a Rakhine houses was burning.

13:30pm: Houses in Hun-re Fara and the mosque are burning. Rohingya villagers who came out were faced shooting by security forces and brutally beating by Rakhines. Dozens of Rohingyans were took away by security forces that include; Master Shumshu and his family, Md Ali and his family, Dalal Roshid and his family, shopkeeper Sayed Hussein and his family. Their houses were burnt down and what happen to them is unknown. Rohingya villagers those dead on the spot were taken away by trucks.

14.30pm: Donpyin village set on fire by Lon-Tain and Rakhine . Initially, there were six trucks full of Lon-Tain (Paramilitary Forces) surrounded the village. And they escorted the Rakhine to enter the village. Paramilitary Forces supported while Rakhine are setting fire on the villagers houses. Many Rohingyas were shot dead by the security forces. Eye-witness described it was so horrible that even the stomach organs burst out from some bodies. 

15:00pm: Rakhine are coming out from the Monastery (located Maungdaw City Central) with Islamic religious dressed. Taken about 10 young Rohingya girls.

Evening: Ali Tangyaw (Haisuratha) village is still surrounded heavily by security forces, smokes and the noise of the gun-fires are shaking the village.
23:00pm: A reliable source said there are 3 Burmese Navy cargo vessels arrived near Ali Than Kyaw coastal reef to unload ammunition and weapons.

Sunday, 10 June
00:35am:  two boatloads of Rakhine were brought in to the town of Buthidaung township from other places under the arrangement of the authorities.

03:00am: Some Rohingya youths were carried away by NaSaKa Border Security Forces. At least 70 Rohingyas were killed from Myothugyi village (Kaindapara) alone. 

9:00am: Government ordered to leave all the NGOs from Northern Arakan State (confirmed).
09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed innocent one Rohingya girl (Ramzaan- 12yo ) Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother injured. Dead body was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

17:55pm: The trucks loaded the dead bodies of Rohingya villagers were carried to Buddhist Cemetery.  
18:00pm: Large group of Rakhines including arrivals from different towns were gathered at sourthern part.

18:30pm: Rohingya villagers escalated three Rohingya dead body in Myo-thu-gyi village.

From evening: Security forces started seizing of hand-phones, recording devices and cameras checking whether there is any records and foreign calling numbers.   

Saturday- 9th June 
Early morning: military forces entered into Hunri-fara and shot at Rohyingyas . At least five persons death and the bodies were lifted by truck.

Morning: Armed security forces with Rakhine extremist equipped with lethal arms were roaming Maungdaw towns and surrounding villages. 4 Rohingyas were carried away from Fayazi village of Maungdaw. Their where abouts is known.

The monks and Rakhines escorted by security forces were announcing 'War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This message was spreaded like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.
The villagers also confirmed that many security forces dressed civil-clothes but with arms are firing at the Rohingyas.

12:25pm: Deputy Home Minister accompanied by U Aung Zaw Win (USDP- MP) arrived at Maungdaw.
The security forces and Nasaka joined with Rakhines and carry out mass killing and torching fires. Because of the curfew no one dares to go out, and at the absence of witness Rakhine extremists set fire on houses, village after village.
If anyone comes out from the fire, he/she gets shot. Natala villagers and Rakhine extremists received guns. In the mean time, monks are busy with media supplying fabricated news. These tragic events have been well planned in advance."
An estimated 100 Rohingyas were killed. As dead bodies were not handed over to the relatives or villagers. Exact number of death could not be confirmed. Some estimate that the number of death could exceed 200 Rohingyas.

Afternoon: Rakhines brunt down the mosque after military guarded Narittardil(ward-5).
The following day the following religious buildings have been torched to burn down; 1)Morcos mosque of Sikdarpara, 2)Noapara mosque, 3)Sambanna and Sarkumbo mosques of Ali Thangyaw.

Friday- 8th of June
2:00pm: the riot police fired more than 40 rounds at about 500 Rohingya peaceful prayers who are going to congregate peacefully in Islamic propagation centre of Myoma Kayandan village of Maungdaw Town to give the respect to the massacred 10- Muslim in Taungup on June 3. That killed at least two Rohingyas, several other injuries and some houses are burning at the this moment.

2:30pm: two young Rohingyas who were returning home after Friday prayer from Maungdaw Central Mosque were seriously beaten by police. One of them whose hand was broken was released after sometime while the other who received head injury was still in police custody. His condition is still unknown.
Beside, the main central mosque and prayers were attacked by Rakhine people in the presence of riot police. That was the beginning of creation of furious tension and followed attacking each other.

During night between 8-9 of June: a groups of armed forces jointly with Rakhines went to the Rohingya villages. They opened fires into the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes the Rakhine extremists set on fire.
The Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura village accompanied by the extremists from the Rakhine village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the same village, killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was carried away by the killers.
In many other villages, security forces corporately with Rakhine people fired into the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes, the Rakhine set fire. The villages of Hatalia, Sommonia, Razarbil, Kayandan and San Oo are among those which were also attacked.

.................................. In Akyab/Sittwe city ................................
From the beginning of violence, thousands of Rakhine people arrived from different towns who are temporarily camped along the beach, are used to beef-up to attack Rohingya.
Tuesday, 12 June
Morning: Military forces were deployed in Rohingya villages and the situation was calmed up to the mid-day.

2:20pm: Rohingya villages of Hudhi-khawla , Khaw-cha-fara were burnt down into ashes. The fire is transmitting to its closed village of Mole-fara (Aung-min-gala)
2:30pm: Some house in Mole-fara (Aung-min-gala) are burning..

4:00pm- Rohingya People who were escaping from burning in Mole-fara (aung-min-gala) were shot dead by the jointly Police, Hluntin and Rakhine. Beside, Military are not taking any action.
Local authority together with Hluntin and Police approach to the remaining Rohingya in the city centre and demanding to give signature in the pre-written documents that agreeing voluntarily escaping from the scene to the remote area of Akayab/Sittwe. Rohingya refused to do so. They have warned that they will next in target. It may be few days to cleans up Rohingya from Akayab/Sittwe. 

Monday, 11 June
Morning: Rakhine people continued to burn down a few houses left unburnt in east Barsara(Sanpya).
12:00pm: Rakhines are preparing to attack Nazi Village. A Member of Rakhine Party-RNDP, Ba La Gyi with thousand Rakhines is shouting with loud speaker and crossing through Mawleik(Ambala) village.

Afternoon: The local Burmese news groups are prepared to take video shooting of the dead bodies of Rohingyans by dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk and misinforming to the world. Including Yangon Press International and U.S.A. based VOA aired fabricated news from the begining..

16:00pm: the security forces surround Nazi village and torch fire and it is still burning. While Rohingya villages from other villages are strictly confined and shooting gun-fires if they move. This another form of the security forces' direct involvement in genocide against Rohingya villages.
Other large group of Rakhine people are also gathered at the biggest mosque near Sittwe-market and and Ambala (Aungmingala) village and subsequently attacking by rocks and alight patrol bottles. They are shouting to eliminate all Rohingyans from Arakan.
It is totally different from what the Thein Sein government's said in MRTV news.

14:10pm: Just destroyed remaining shops Sittwe central market

14:15pm: Attacking Sittwe Central mosque.

Evening: local tv(MRTV) came to make video shooting at Rohingya villagers' resisting motion. In this manner, MRTV could highlight to tarnish the image of Rohingya.

15:30pm: Rakhine set fire on Pozu bazaar near Sittwe Markaz. Blaze of fire was seen from long distance,

18:30pm: Huge crowd of Rakhines plus polices from No(1)police station came to Santoli village. The security forces fires in the air first. Then setting fire on rohingyas' houses. While the rohingyas were trying to escape the security forces shot them. More than 250 houses were burnt down. The dead bodies were taken to the Hospital.
Reliable Source said -authorities poured acid on the face of dead bodies, shaved the heads, dressed them as Buddhist monks to take the pictures so that they can use the pictures in making mis-propaganda against Rohingya people. Pictures were taken by Wekkly Eleven Journal. In fact none of the Rakhine or monk was killed in the whole Sittwe(Akyab) by Rohingya people.

17:00pm: Some Rohingya escaping from Nazi village burning were shot dead in the road by security forces.
19:00pm: Shabok fara, Sittwe was also burnt down. About 100 houses were destroyed, several Rohingyas were killed.

22:00pm: Rakhine people continuously chanting to eliminate remaining Rohingya villages. Rakhine groups who are rounding in and out of Rohingya villages by vehicles said, "this afternoon, we will finish all kala-villages".

Sunday, 10 June
01:00am: Rakhine in Islamic attire wearing caps were seen roaming in the streets of Akyab trying to pretend Muslims. The following racist Medias are engaged in anti-Rohingya propaganda.

01:30 am:  Rohingyans in Magyee-yaine (Holton) village was attacked, houses and mosque were destroyed.  It has been reported that the riot have been supervised by Aung Myat Kyaw an MP at State Parliament.
a) One of the victim who was killed is identified as Mohammed Hussein and his house was also burnt down.
b) Nur Begum was chopped and packed in a Jute bag at Mayu Road. The dead body was said to have been hidden by the police.
For this destruction, Aung Myat Kyaw is using Aung Tun Sein (Olympic group) and Pho Sein (Danyawadi group). The group also attacked the ancient samll mosque situated opposite of this village near airport but not burn-down this stage.

4:00am: Harzamya and Nadikya villages were burnt into ashes, at least 13 Rohingyas were shot dead by Police and Paramilitary Forces, 4 injured, 30 other Rohingyan villagers captured by security forces were taken away.
In the meantime, Another group of Rakhines tried to burn Nazi Village but it was stopped by Rohingyan villagers.

09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed a Rohingya girl (Ramzaan-12yo ), Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother were injured. The dead body of the girl was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

After noon: Duamraung and Bumay villages including the ancient small mosque near Sittwe airport, house at the edge of Nazi village were burning.

14:00pm: Curfew was imposed only for Rohingyas while Rakhine are burning and attacking Rohingyans.

15:00pm: at least six Rohingyans shot dead and more than 50 Rohingyan villagers mostly from Sakki-fara were taken away after they went out to stop firing houses.

16:10pm: security forces and thousands of Rakhine people with patrol bottles crossed into Mole-fara (Aungmingala) village.

16:00pm: both east and west Barsara(Sanpya) villages were attacked. About 10 Rohingya houses of west Basara and the mosque and all most all of Rohingyan villagers were completely gone to missing. About 100 houses of east Barsa village near navy camp and the mosque were also burnt down and at least 50 Rohingyan villagers were killed. Those survived were avoided into other Rohingya villages.
Rohingyans from Shwe Bya villages were attacked by brutally beating, killing, sexually and looting and their houses were set fire. Most villagers escaped by boats but some about 30 escapees were recaptured by Rakhine people were killed.

17:00pm: Rohingya houses in fishing ward (Pike-thay-yat) near Sittwe Jetty were set fire and villagers were brutally attacked. Some escaped by jumping into waters were killed. Some attempted to escape by boat by recaptured by Navy forces and detained by the accuse of fleeing to foreign. At least 20 Rohingyans were killed including friends of my sister.
Without escalating accurate reason, the VOA aired recently this news. 

Evening: Rohingyan villagers from Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung Maw-leik) near the market were pulled out from homes and beaten to death at least 7 persons including a family of 4 persons who opened restaurant in the house, some women were raped, the mosque in the village was destroyed. Their houses in this village can't be set fire but destroyed because residents are mixed of Rakhine and Chinese. Now most of the villagers were shifted to Ambala fara. Rakhines people are shouting that they will soon clean this village too. But later, Rohingya tens of Rohingya houses were selectively torched fire.

19:30pm: Santoli village near Sittwe Lake (Kandawgyi) was attacked and a few houses were destroyed but Rohingya villagers resisted them drove them away. 
Rohingya villagers say that like in other other villages if security forces back Rakhine people they could not resist because security forces did not stop Rakhine people and only shot fired at Rohingya villages.
The local Burmese news groups are prepared to take video shooting of the dead bodies of Rohingyans by dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk and misinforming to the world. Including Yangon Press International and U.S.A. based VOA aired fabricated news from the beginning.. Thses actions were took place near fishing village, Shwe-bya village and Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung-maw-leik)

Saturday, 9 June
From the evening: Rakhine people started gangly attacking of Rohingyan villagers and setting fire of their villages after security forces shot fire into the houses. Houses were burning up to morning.
In Bumay (Walish) village, under the guide of Rakhine people the police shot dead five Rohingyans during they went into the houses to those Rakhine set fire to go there in order to stop the fire there.

Rakhine people are still rounding with lethal knives and chanting with loud speakers- "terminate kala", "kala-kala..kill-kill". Several other Rohingyan houses including houses from Kondan-ward were set on fire.
It is also confirmed that Rakhine people those came to set fire were entering wearing muslim religious dresses. The local authorities plus police forces are encouraging the Rakhine to eliminate the Rohingyas and set fire at houses.
Military authority refused the approached of Rohingya leaders seeking to deploy military security forces in Rohingya villages.

3 June:
Since the beginning of mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup on 3 June, a large group of Rakhine people firstly marched to attack the ancient Foktoli mosque and village of Nazi. But it was broke away by Rohingya villagers and security forces were lately arrived there.

............................ In other regions...............................
Pauktaw township: Rohingya village, has been surrounded by Rakhine people from 9 June. 
21:00pm of 11 June: Burning of Rohingya houses in Pauktaw Town.

Mrauk-U township: Rohingya villages are under-way to be attacked, while dozens of Rohingyas arrested by the Rakhine were taken into missing.

Buthidaung township: Rohingya villages are under highly alert, while the authorities are seizing all kinds of metal knives and etc.
22:00pm of 11 June: Police forces shot a Rohingya (Noor Alam) who live in Maraung Village of Buthidaung Town.

22:15pm of 11 June: about 500 Rakhine brought from Taunggote were arrived in Buthidaung.


Rathedaung township: a few villages in Rathedaung were set fire, while the rests are in serious fears.


Kyauktaw township: Curfew imposed on the Rohingya villagers, asking to stop going out of villages and even from the houses. Dozen of Rohingya youths were taken by authority and not yet return.

Rambre Township : all Rohingya's houses were set fire at 12:30pm of 10 June, where Rohingya population is less than 10% there.
( Causalities are yet to be escalated from these regions due to no communication available.)

The beginning of mass killings by Rakhines:
And the account should be made on that Rohingya people are not allowed to enter or cross into Rakhine villages while Rakhine people freely can.
Therefore, it's understandable about a Rakhine girl (Ma Thida Thwey ) who was killed in her own Rakhine village of Tha-bray-chaung ward of Kyauknimaw village on 28 May, is not related to Rohingya. It is just an excuse to instigate to cleans Rohingya people.
 A group of Rakhine members of "Wnathanu Rakheta Association" association distributed leaflets of blaming muslim, in the early morning in Taungup township on 3 June 2012.
Eight Muslim pilgrims from central Burma and a helper and wife from Tandwe were killed by a group of mob attacked by Rakhine terrorist gang in Taungup on 3 June 2012...

The mass killing of 10 Muslims by 300 Rakhine in Taungkup occurred on the 3rd of June, was one of the shock wave of Rakhine people' undesirable minds. For Rakhine people, it was a part of exercise of muslim-free-zones defined from year 1983 that consists Gwa, Taungup, Tandwe and Ponnagyuan townships. There were several hundreds of Rohingyans were killed in similar way in these regions and such crime will be carried on until the government implements such draconian act.

International media are unable to reach into the areas where racial violences are carried out by terrorist Rakhines jointly with security forces. And the account should be made on that Rohingya people are not allowed to enter or cross into Rakhine villages while Rakhine people freely can. Therefore, it's understandable about a Rakhine girl (Ma Thida Thwey ) who was killed in Rakhine village of Tha-bray-chaung ward of Kyauknimaw village on 28 May, is not related to Rohingya. It is just an excuse to instigate to cleans Rohingya people.

It's learnt from the beginning that despite Rohingyan villagers are confined within their villages under Curfew order, security forces are shooting at Rohingya villagers with cool blood and Rakhine people are still allowed to attack Rohingyans and to fire houses, to loot goods and cash in the present of security forces. Security forces drove away Rohingyan residents by shotting fires into the houses and letting follower Rakhines to torch fire. Again those came out from homes were brutally beaten including some women faced sexually abuses and those fleeings were shot fires.

The mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup, sparked to this stage of violence between Rakhine and Rohingya. While authority has not yet taken action against those terror Rakhine people plus other Rakhine people those firstly staged violence against Rohingya in Sittwe on the 4th of June.
Rohingya people occasionally face intolerable violences are because of Arakanese Rohingya Muslims are strucked from citizenship right under 1982 new citizenship law affected on the changes of Rakhine state from Arakan state in 1974.

International communities including the world leaders need to enhance the Burmese government to urgently halt on going brutal attacks against defenceless unarmed Rohingya, to take action against those committed crimes and to restore the rights of native Rohingya people including their citizenship right.

Bangladesh turns away Muslims fleeing Myanmar (8 boats- more than 300 Rohingyans on 11 June)
(Note: 300 Rohingyans mostly women and children those arrived by ten boats in Bangladesh shore are from Sittwe/Akyab city. They confirm that they were total about 30 boats depart from Sittwe-beach. During they crossed the middle of the sea, the Burmese navy followed to captured them. They saw some of 20 boats those captured... were drowning into the sea. They confirmed that they were drowning by navy forces.)

National Democratic party for Human Rights-NDPHR (exile)
Photo evidences at- http://www.flickr.com/photos/thesail/
(This report is up to today evening 17:00pm and escalated from Arakan/Rakhine state based relatives and friends of Rohingyan families both inside and out side.)

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