Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rakhines Continue Crimes against Rohingya in Arakan

Despite thousand of armed forces and navy ships have been arrived in Arakan state, government forces are continuously allowing its Rakhine people to carry out more violences against Rohingya people.
Today morning, Rakhine people continued to burn down a few houses left yesterday in east Barsara(Sanpya). Yesterday, Santoli village near Sittwe Lake (Kandawgyi) was attacked but Rohingya villagers resisted them drove them away. 
Rohingya villagers say that like in other other villages if security forces back Rakhine people they could not resist because security forces did not stop Rakhine people and only shot fired at Rohingya villages.
Rakhine people continuously chanting to eliminate remaining Rohingya villages. Rakhine groups who are rounding in and out of Rohingya villages by vehicles said, "this afternoon, we will finish all kala-villages".

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