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Mob attacks in Taungup killed ten Muslim pilgrims

By BRAT,  
10 Muslims were chopped to dead and five other escaped in a massacre in Tongoup (Taungup) township on Sunday while they were travelling back to Yangon from Thandwe township.

During their way back to Yangon from Than Twe Mosque by bus-"Roma Thitthar" on 3 June 2012,  a group of 30 Rhakhine Buddhist people killed them with knives at Tongoup (Taungup) which is situated on the way.

According to the list escalated when they left from Tachan Pai Mosque to Than Dwe for Chila(Jama at), the eight Muslim victims were from central Burma and are identified as;
1) Muhammed Sharief @ U Ne Pwe s/o U Ahmed Suban, 58 8/Ta Ka Ta (N)095548, from Taung Twin Gyi
2) Muhammed Hanif @ U Maung Ni s/o U kay Pe Sufi, 65  8/Ta Ka Ta (N)095530, from Taung Twin Gyi
3) Shafield Bai @ U Aye Lwin s/o U A Hpoe Gyi,  52 8/Ta ka Ta (N)093573, from Taung Twin Gyi
4) Aslam Bai @ U Aung Myint s/o U Hla Maung,  508/Ta ka Ta (N)094557, from Taung Twin Gyi
5) Balai Bai @ Tayzar Myint s/o U Yakub,  288/Ta ka Ta (N)189815, from Taung Twin Gyi
6) Shuaib @ Tin Maung Htwe s/o U Tin Oo,  218/Ta ka Ta (N)231084, from Taung Twin Gyi
7) Salim Bai @ Aung Bo Bo Kyaw s/o U Tun Tun Zaw,  2614/Ma La Na (N)231084, from Myaung Mya
8) Lukman Bai @ Zaw Nyi Nyi Htut s/o U Ibrahim,  3314/Ma La Na (N)148133, from Myaung Mya, and
-the two other victims were helper husband and wife from Tandwe township.

The car with plate number- "7 (Ga) 7868", was also burnt down.
The other 5 Muslims were able to escape from brutally killing. The corpses were buried in Than Dwe on 3rd June 2012 evening. It's clearly indicate that how the Rakhines people are threatening even Muslims from outside Arakan state.

Tongoup (Taungup) is one of four townships defined as Muslim-free Zones by government decree in 1983. Since then several hundreds of Arakanese Rohingyans who were captured in these regions were killed directly by Rakhines involving government authorities.

The below is joint press statement released by Rohingyan Organizations:
Date: 4 June 2012
The undersigned organisations have strongly condemned the massacre of 10 Muslims, including 8 pilgrims, at 3 p.m. on 3 June 2012, by an organized terrorist gang of Rakhines at Taunggote, in southern Arakan State, Burma.

While the victims were on their way back from Sandoway to Yangon in a bus, Rakhine terrorists set upon it and massacred 8 Muslim pilgrims along with the driver and a caretaker. However, 5 Muslims could escape the carnage. The culprits were celebrating triumph spitting and tossing the wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road.

The names of the 8 murdered pilgrims were: (1) Muhammed Sharief (a) U Ne Pwe (58) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 095548, (2)Muhammed Hanif (a) U Maung Ni (65) NRC No. Ta Ka Ta (N) 095530, (3) Shafield Bai (a) U Aye Lwin (52) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 094557, (4) Aslam Bai (a) U Aung Myint (50) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 094557, (5) Balai Bai (a) Tayzar Myint (28) NRC No. Ta Ka Ta (N) 189815, (6) Shuaib (a) Tin Maung Htwe (21) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 231084, (7) Salim Bai (a) Aung Bo Bo Kyaw (26) NRC No 14/Ma La Na (N) 231084, (8) Lukman Bai (a) Za Nyi Nyi Htut (33) NRC No 14/Ma La Na (N) 148133.

In recent months anti-Rohingya propagandas have been carried out by Rakhine extremists and xenophobes inside and outside of Burma harping on the old tune, "Rohingya is not a nationality in Burma, they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh" with intent to exterminate them ultimately. Surprisingly, these organized efforts have been carried out in line with the recent statements of some responsible ministers and authorities of the ruling government. Nevertheless, the rejection of Rohingya coupled with continued persecution and ‘Rakhine terrorism’ against them indicates the early sign of genocide in Arakan.

However, the government is fully responsible for law and order situation in the whole country. It should not make the Muslims scapegoats, but it has full responsibility to protect rights, honour and dignity of all citizens.
Meanwhile, we reiterate that Arakan is a diverse society with two major peoples of Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhist Rakhines. We believe that ‘peaceful co-existence’ among all the peoples of Arakan and Burma is imperative for the restoration of democracy, promotion of human rights and perpetuation of peace and prosperity in the country. It is high time, for all compatriots, to actively pursue a ‘policy of peace and reconciliation’ and work in unison for the future of the country and for our generations to come.

We demand the ruling government of U Thein Sein to immediately conduct an impartial, comprehensive investigation and take exemplary action against the culprits in the interest of peace and security in the region.
We urge upon the international community with the UN, OIC, EU, ASEAN, USA and the governments of the world, international human rights organisations and NGOs to put effective pressure on the ruling Burmese government for the protection and security of life, property, dignity and honour of the Rohingya and Muslim minority in Burma.
Signatories to this joint statement:
1. National Democratic Party for Human Rights (in Exile)
2. Arakan Rohingya National organisation (ARNO),
3. Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK),
4. Burmese Rohingya Association Japan (BRAJ)
5. Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA)
6. Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT)
7. Rohingya League for Democracy (Burma) (RLDB)
8. Rohingya Community in Norway (RCN)

For more information, please contact
U Hla Aung +33-629258793
Aman Ullah +880-15584 86910
Tun Khin + 44- 788 871 4866 :

Massacre of Muslim pilgrims by the gang of Rakhine terrorists in Taunggote town condemned and exemplary punishment against the culprits demanded

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