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Press statement by MERHROM on 6th June 2012



MyanmarEthnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) seriously condemn a massacre of 8 Rohingya Muslim pilgrims in TaungupTownship in southern Arakan State, Burma on 3rdJune 2012 at about 3:00pm by an organized terrorist gang of Buddhist Rakhines. A massacre cannot be accepted at all especially at this time where the world are watching Burma for the political change that will take place in Burma. A massacre is a gross human rights violation and is a bad sign for the development of democracy in Burma and the security of Rohingya Muslim in Arakan State and around Burma.

The victims were Muslim pilgrims (religious persons) returning to Rangoon in a bus after completing of their spiritual service at Thetsa Masjid of Thandwe, southern Arakan on June 3, 2012. Rakhine terrorists set upon it and massacred 8 Muslim pilgrims along with one escort and one helper. The culprits werecelebrating triumph spitting and tossing the wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road."

The gang of Rakhine terrorists stopped the bus -7 (Ga) 7868- at junctionof Immigration gate where the terrorists Rakhine called "come down all, if there is Kala" with holding lethal weapons where the escortand helper requested to the terrorists Rakhine not to do any harm tothe passengers. But, the terrorists forced to get in bus and shoutedthat there is Kala. Then they started to beat the 8 Muslim pilgrims and dragged the Muslim from bus to the road where more than 300 organized terrorists gang of Buddhist Rakhines had beaten the Muslim until the dead," according to elder from the Taungup.

Thebus – Yoma Thettha -was owned by a Muslim and the terrorists Rakhine destroyed the bus and it has been standing still at the gate of Immigration where no authorities came out to the spot to stop the massacre."

Weare very sad and frustrated over this incident as this shows the situation of Stateless Rohingya Muslim in Arakan State did not change at all. After the Parliamentary Election in Burma, we hope the situation and the future of Rohingyas will change but unfortunately the hope remain. 

Thisis not the first incident where the Rohingyas has been attacked bythe Rakhines. Back in 1942-1948 there was a mass massacre towards Rohingyas Muslim in Arakan State committed by Rakhines Buddist.Thousands of Rohingyas Muslims were killed. There is no action taken by the ruling government. In 1978 during the Nagamin Checking, Junta together with Rakhines Buddhist checked the background of Rohingyas Muslim in Arakan State. Many Rohingyas were killed but we do not know the figure. Many Rohingyas were arrested, killed, cross the border and fled the country. In 2010, Rakhines Buddhist burnt the houses ofRohingya Muslims in Kyaw Thaw Town. Many Rohingyas were injured and lost their houses and property.

In recent months anti-Rohingya propagandas have been carried out by Rakhine extremists and xenophobes inside and outside of Burma harping on the old tune, "Rohingya is not a nationality in Burma, they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh" with intent to exterminate the multimately. Surprisingly these organized efforts have been carriedout in line with the recent statements of some responsible ministers and authorities of the U Thein Sein government. Nevertheless, the rejection of Rohingya coupled with continued persecution and 'Rakhine terrorism' against them indicates the early sign of genocide in Arakan, according to the eight Rohingya organizations' statement.

We were very sad and worried this bloody incident involving Rohingyas and Rakhinesare happening again and again. At the moment the situation is very tensed and dangerous. We are worried if its turn to riot  and claims more lives. Many people have to flee the country and it will increase the number of Refugees in Asean region.

Therefore we urged the United Nations Security Council, World Leaders, Asean Countries Leaders and the International Communities to:
-pressure the Junta to control the situation  and stop the massacre
-pressure the Junta to recognize Rohingya Muslim as citizen of Burma
-urgently pressure the Junta to protect the Rohingyas in Arakan State and assured their security and safety at all time.
-visit Arakan State to access the situation and do the necessary action against the perpetrators
-closely monitor human rights violations in Burma and take the necessary measures to eliminate the rights violations
-to increase their genuine effort to stop the crimes against humanity towards the people of Burma and bring democracy to Burma .

Yours sincerely,
Zafar Ahmad
President of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organization Malaysia(MERHROM)

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