Monday, 11 June 2012

Rakhines continues violence with the support of security forces: Nazi Village is burning now


Rakhines continues violence with the support of security forces. From the evening, the security forces surround Nazi village and torch fire and it is still burning. While Rohingya villages from other villages are strictly confined and shooting gun-fires if they move. This another form of the security forces' direct involvement in genocide against Rohingya villages.

Other large group of Rakhine people are also gathered at the biggest mosque near Sittwe-market and and Ambala (Aungmingala) village and subsequently attacking by rocks and alight patrol bottles. They are shouting to eliminate all Rohingyans from Arakan.

Security forces continue to impose curfew on Rohingya while Rakhine people are freely allowing to carry out crimes. And foods and waters and communication are cut-off by authority since the beginning of violence. So, it is all about we have not escalated how trapping them and accurate number of causalities.

It is totally different from what the Thein Sein government's said in MRTV news.

Rakhine people are still coming into Rohingyan villages and attacking, killing, torching fire and looting with the support of security forces. Likewise, now the government is showing its sympathy by contributing of aid to those attackers' members.

There is no consideration at all about Rohingya victims of women, children and those injuries in their own villages.

Since the beginning of violence, a few number of Rohingyans were able to escape and the rest are trapped between gun-fires of security forces and lethal knives of Rakhine people. They find dying between them is only solution to end this violence.

In Maungdaw, after Declare of State of emergency by President Thein Sein, this morning local time 8:30 am some of Rakhine with the co-operation of police & Hluntin personal were entered Bomu-fara. Firstly, their are taken away property & burn 5-7 houses of Rohingya Community. At the same time, some of Rakhine monk were trying to stop burring house behind them one or two Photographer are taken picture to record their documentary as a Rakhine houses was burning.

Handphones, recording devices and cameras were seized by security forces from Sunday.

Beside, international media are unable to reach into the areas where violences are carried out by aggressor Rakhines. And the account should be made on that Rohingya people are not allowed to enter or cross into Rakhine villages while Rakhine people freely can.

Therefore, it's understandable about a Rakhine girl (Ma Thida Thwey ) who was killed in Rakhine village of Tha-bray-chaung ward of Kyauknimaw village on 28 May, is not related to Rohingya. It is just an excuse to instigate to cleans Rohingya people.

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