Monday, 19 November 2012

Arakan is burning just after Obama's departure.

 Date.19 November 2012, 11.30pm
Dear Respectable President Obama,

       Just after you have left for Cambodia ,the Rohingya's houses are set fire by the racist Rakhines and new settlers in Maung Daw. The villagers are shot by Burmese forces. The authority is fully conducted this genocide after your departure.

     As I have hinted you many times through your political advisers in Bangkok,not to give sticks to the monkeys which can produce another humanititran crises in Arakan. It is exactly happening there now .Your Nobel massage to wards the regime is interrupted .It used to happen after departure of UN Human Rights Envoy Quintana.Your Nobel massage to wards the regime is interrupted .
    That why We went to the Embassy of United State of America and discussed about deployment of UN Peace keeping force for permanent solution for dying Rohingyas on 8 November.I left a piece of hand writing note for you with your deputy there in this regards.I also requested you to halt your visit Burma which I predicted is too early and might be misinterpreted by Thien Sein regime.
      Therefore it is my appeal to you to organize the world leaders to support DEPLOYMENT OF UN PEACE KEEPING FORCES IN ARAKAN TO PROTECT THE ROHINGYAS AND FIND THE SOLUTION.Though this is a genocide,we deserve to avail International protection and justice.This's the only option left to protect the Rohingya .

Please read update news  at -

      I sincerely  look forward your good office in this regards.
Thank you.

Maung Kyeaw Nu,
Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand,
For further information ,please contact to (+66)085-690 0442

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