Friday, 16 November 2012


The US Authority ,

On behalf of entire Rohingyas and Muslim population of Arakan state of Burma, we strongly demand President Obama to cancel the scheduled Burma visit as show of support and solidarity to suffering humanity,the Rohingya people and Muslims of Arakan as Obama is known as the the symbol anti-Genocide and champion of humanity .

It is not a right time for Obama to visit the Burma where tens of thousands of innocent Rohingyas were killed ,hundreds of Rohingya girls/women were forcibly  raped, ,tens of thousands of house were burned down and around 50 thousands Rohingyas  flee Arakan. More than 50 thousands people are still missing and many uprooted Rohingyas are still floating in the rivers and sea. Dead bodies are seen along the sea side from Arakan to Australia.The controlled  Genocide on Rohingya is non stop going.This is a fearful human deserter in this era.This is a dangerous humanitarian crisis in this millennium.There is no rule of law in Arakan. Arakan is a killing field and a concentration camps for Rohingyas.

  Burma's quasi- civilian government have been overstated. “President Thein Sein is a liar. He is not implementing a genuine change that alters the military role in the country. Instead he's killing innocent Rohingya people.His strategy is to make Rohingya free Arakan''.

         We the entire Rohingya demand   to deploy UN peace keeping forces in Arakan to protect remaining Rohingyas.The Rohingyas deserve international protection.We have been staging protest asking for protection since June.2012.

          We are very much concerned that the response from the United States and the international community to the anti-Rohingfya  violence against the Rohingya and Muslims of Arakan  has been wholly inadequate. The conditions that led to two major outbreaks of mass killings are getting worse. Greater loss of life and displacement are a certainty without a change of course
      By visiting Burma by the great President of America and meeting with Thein Sein who is a  human-rights abuser and the criminal of crimes against humanity the American value of Respect to human rights and US Governments commitment to protect and prevent genocide against the unarmed civilian from brutal regime will be tarnished in the world.

      Moreover, the Burmese Government led by Thein Sein will become embolden to implement his announcement to deport entire Rohingya people to third countries or
exterminate the whole Rohingya nation from the soil of Arakan through ethnic cleansing.
Furthermore, if the President persist and decide to visit Burma disregarding world public opinion and the Rohingyas humble demand,then, we would have no alternative but to sincerely urge the President to help the Rohingya victims of controlled genocide as following-

1.Please tell Thein Sein Led Burmese Govt clearly that US Govt. will never accept
    a. the continuation of  human rights abuses and genocide on Rohinga,
    b.the war criminals go without book for trail at international tribunals including ICC.
    c.the fact finding committee consist of racist Rakhine Dr.Aye Maung led RNDP and govt ally members.
    d.the bloc of humanitarian assistance and international helping agency and media groups.
    e.the sheltering  national Rohingyas in Refugee camps instead of rehabilitation at their ancentrail housing plots.
    d.the blocking of Rohingyas call for deployment of UN peacekeeping forces.
    g.the continous attack to Rohingyas by Dr.Aye Maung led RNDP and Khine Soe Naing ,Mra Raza Lunn led ALP       ceasefire armed groups.
    h.the continue rape women/girls and maltreatment to children,women ang old people.
    i. the census to Rohingyas to start third time genocidal Rohingya cleansing .
2.we would like to appeal President Obama as following,
   a. To give an opportunity meeting with Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand , BRAT deligation  in Bangkok.
   b.To pay visit to concentration camp of Rohingyas in Arakan.
   c.To meet and discuss with elites of Rohingyas in Burma.(Not Govt sponsor one.)
   d.To release all Rohingyas arrested during 2012 genocide on Rohingyas.
   e.To deploy US Navy from Bangladesh to Australia water to rescue the floating Rohingyas where half of them always sank.

We therefore ask international protection immediately.We also look forward a meeting with President Obama in Bangkok.

Thank you.


Maung Kyaw Nu,

Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand(BRAT).
phone-(+66)085 369 0442

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