Monday, 19 November 2012

'No excuse for violence' in W Myanmar: Obama

 Thanks Obama!
 We are almost satisfied of Pres.Obama's  consul  to  Rohingyas today.We  admired and saluted Obama.
W e the entire Rohingya would like to remind U Thein Sein government that there is no excuse from Rohingyas' side if we will not meet practical result of our call and solution as follows:-

What is Rohingya's out cry and demand today?
 What is the solution of GENOCIDE ON RONGYAS?
   The Rohinyas' a single out cry and demand is to deploy UN  PEACE KEEPING FORCES IN ARAKAN.
   The solution of genocide on Rohingya is to regain  our every lost rights and book all culprits for Intenational trail.
It was not in 1942 where one hundred thousands  unarmed  Rohingyas were killed without protection .The culprits were not book for trail at that time.Rohingyas' blood is so cheap since that days.
    Therefore we urge Pres.Obama to co-operate Rohingyas to meet their just out cry and demand of deployment of UN peace keeping forces and justice.
Thank you.
Maung Kyaw  Nu,
'No excuse for violence' in W Myanmar: Obama
Yangon, November 19, 2012
First Published: 14:16 IST(19/11/2012)
Last Updated: 14:19 IST(19/11/2012)
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US President Barack Obama used a historic speech in Myanmar on today Monday to urge an end to sectarian unrest in the western state of Rakhine, saying there was "no excuse for violence against innocent people". "National reconciliation will take time, but for the sake of our common
humanity, and for the sake of this country's future, it is necessary to stop the incitement and to stop violence," he added.
Two major outbreaks of violence since June between Muslims and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists in the state have left 180 people dead and more than 110,000 displaced.
Most of those who fled their homes were stateless Rohingya Muslims, who have faced decades of discrimination.
"Today, we look at the recent violence in Rakhine state that has caused so much suffering, and we see the danger of continued tensions there," Obama said in his address at Yangon University.
"For too long, the people of this state, including ethnic Rakhine, have faced crushing poverty and persecution. But there's no excuse for violence against innocent people, and the Rohingya hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do," he added.
Myanmar's reformist government is under pressure to give citizenship to the Rohingya as it comes under international scrutiny, with warnings that the conflict threatens its democratic transition.

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