Saturday, 17 November 2012

False Muslims representatives and leader recruited by Myanmar government to mislead President Barak Obama regarding persecutions on Myanmar Muslims.

Is Pres.Obama  going to meet pets of liar Thien Sein ?? These puppets are worse than racist Moughs and Thien Sein Regime.These non sense BROKERS should be isolated from the community.


Maung Kyaw Nu.

Myanmar Muslim News News ♦♦♦ 16 November 2012

Since the news of US President Barak Obama to visit Myanmar has confirmed, Rights group have been urging President Obama to pressure on Myanmar quasi-Military government for the series of Human Rights abuses. Many experts have speculated that Rohingya crisis could be one of the top agenda among the topics at the meeting between two leaders.
According to the President Thein Sein’s Office spokesperson stated on his Facebook account that the President has invited some Muslim leaders and Buddhist monks to discuss Rakhine issues. The truth is that these Muslims who were invited do not represent Myanmar Muslims at all. The President does not invite anyone who belongs to five major Myanmar Muslim organisations and neither invited any Muslims politician nor activist who lead and represent Myanmar Muslims. The President has picked collectively who would only nod their head. Besides, half of them are retired army officers.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss Arakan crisis but it is too late to talk. While the crisis broke out second time in Arakan on 21st October, Myanmar government only admitted after the release of satellite pictures from US based HRW, which was few days later. It clearly echoed the lack of sincerity of Myanmar government over Arakan issues. Moreover, there is not a single action have taken against anti-Muslims organisations and Rakhine extremist who have been instigating against Muslims publically and who have committed terrorist attacks on Muslims in Arakan. President has ordered to form inquiry commissions one after another but none of them could investigate successfully and could not achieve any concrete evidence or prove while ten Myanmar Muslims pilgrims were beaten to death brutally by hundreds of Rakhines at the security check-point in Taung Gouk Township, in Arakan. It is one of the reason why Myanmar Muslims have lost their confidence on the government.

Myanmar government has proficiency in using sprinkles to garnish in order to hide their ugly sinister. The plans to fool international community have been executed by lobbyist while President Barak Obama visit is a pressure on the country half century long religious persecutions and racial discriminations. Myanmar Muslims have fed up with empty promises of Thein Sein government and its members; unfortunately, the genocide of Rohingya and Kaman Muslims has hidden under the so called Democratic reforms. International community should not rush to reward any pseudo Democratic reforms policy of Myanmar military generals who dominating the power ultimately.  The military is still powerful and dominating most of the affairs of the country; the genuine Democracy could be achieved only after 2015 general election if pro-Democracy parties win it.

The simplest prove is that, President Thein Sein has stated earlier this year to send Rohingya Muslims to third country, how come a Democratic reformist President does not aware of Human Rights. His statement highlighted serious issues of xenophobic bigotry that exist inside Myanmar Military.

Current Myanmar government as well as their predecessor Military regime have consistently favoured cronies and puppets to execute their policy and plans; now they have invited collectively who do not represent Myanmar Muslims at all to misled President Barak Obama that Muslims in Myanmar have pleasant and perfect condition. Myanmar government intend to impress to President Barak Obama that President Thein Sein is unlikely to his predecessors. If Thein Sein government were sincere, the genocide in Arakan would not repeat second time.

The government has consistently neglected all the credible information which proving the outbreak of bloodshed in Arakan again, in spite of Myanmar Muslims leaders have informed to the Arakan state government and Central government regarding the lawlessness and extremism of Rakhines in Arakan state and the lack of security presence to protect armless Muslims in Arakan. Is this their negligence or they have underestimated the crisis; those who have neglected and failed to fulfil their responsibility to protect minorities in Myanmar and let the innocent people killed in the hands of terrorist, could not be Democratic reformers.

Myanmar could be a bonanza of opportunity or could be a strategic key allay for US in future; a world respected leader, US President Barak Obama should not compromise with Myanmar President Thein Sein the lives of Myanmar Muslims, especially Rohginyas and Kaman Muslims in Arakan who have hugely counted on him for their liberty.

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