Friday, 6 September 2013




Please pray for the 105 Rohingya detainees of Nonkhai who have been protesting to be alive and get practical protection from Thailand and UNHCR .The last warning to move out from present IDC is over a half an hour ago. Please pray.
I do hope and trust that the authority are going to deal with the half mad detainees peacefully. The detainees have lost their mental order due to horrible overcrowded times the same small cages for months. We also wish ,the detainees will show our peaceful attitudes towards the authorities.

I ask UNHCR ,Media and civil society's help to request the Honorable Prime Minister and concerned authorities of Thailand to meet the Rohingya detainees' demand to release them under the supervision of UNHCR or transfer them a bit wider place where they can get breathing space.

We ,the Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand ,BRAT ,is hoping immediate amicable solution of present difficult situation of Rohingya detainees in Thailand.

Please deal these Rohingya escapees of genocide as per international standard. 

We are hoping the best from all parties.

Thank you

Sincerely ,
Maung Kyaw Nu,

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