Monday, 2 September 2013


The UNHCR says Rohingya refugees from Burma are among hundreds of migrants recently
arrested by police in Thailand. (Credit: AFP)


2 September 2013,

'Govt extends migrants' detention another 6 months'' read the headline in this newspaper on Friday. And readers will certainly see a similar headline again six months from now.
The bottom line is Thailand is very frustrated that it can see no light at the end of the tunnel in the Rohingya problem. And the problem looks to worsen after the monsoon season ends around October, when voyages out to the sea by this minority group fleeing the ethnic clashes in Myanmar are likely to resume. Their boats head south from Rakhine State towards Thailand or Malaysia.
The first deadline for the Muslim Rohingya migrants to be deported has passed and the government has no choice but to grant them another six months to stay.
The big headache for authorities from those in charge of security, foreign policy and immigration is where to send them.
Thailand was praised by other countries and international organisations for sheltering the last batch of boat people who began arriving last year. There are now around 1,700 Rohingya kept in detention centres, mostly in southern provinces. The total number of the refugees in Thailand is closer to 2,000 if all illegals and runaways are counted.

The Rohingya influx has given corrupt authorities a chance to abuse them in several ways, including extorting their money in exchange for allowing them to land on shore.Please read continue at-----

Saritdet Marukatat is Digital Media News Editor,

credit- Bangkok Post

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