Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mouna says Rohingyas need political support

  • Today Mouna  chatted to Maung Kyaw Nu
  • Mouna Derouich

    Salem wa alaycoum, I hope you are fine, I found this pic hahaha do u remember? it was on the 30th of April! already 5 month ago! oh my God the days are running so fast!
  •  During five months, Mouna have done a lot of works for the Rohingyas in Thailand,Malaysia and Europe. She is the one who led the demonstration during President Thien Sen visited  French and EU. She newly woke up forgotten Rohingyas in Europe. 
  •         She is a strong selfless worker and supporter for the Rohingya plights.She call around the world that Rohingya needs POLITICAL SOLUTION THAN RELIEF ITEMS. She is also a colleague of my daughter, Mona. I really love her as my own daughter.

  •     Once Mouna used to cry as baby when she learned that one Rohingya died at Sadao to whom she met her on the Ambulance at detention center  of Sadao one day before he died. 
  •     Now she is going to start an orphanage plus boarding school in Malaysia.I fully endorsed her holiest project for the Rohingya kids. 

  •     She visited IDPs and some areas in Arakan and many Rohingyas know her. She has known many Rohingyas of Arakan and overseas .We should have to learn a lot from her selfless and sacrificing working style.
  • May Allah grant more more scope and energy to work for the humanity.

  • Maung Kyaw Nu
  • President
  •  Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand, B.R.A.T

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