Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Press release by B.R.A.T.4 Aug 2013.

Press release by B.R.A.T.4 Aug 2013.

105 Rohingya detainees have been protesting for freedom !

105 ROHINGYA DETAINEES of Nong Khai IDC broke their cells and have been protesting since noon of 4 Aug .They are guarded by government forces. At 4 pm two Rongyas namely 1.Sayed Hussain (24yrs) ,Zanbonia village ,Maungdaw ,2.Kalu (27 years ),Daung Khali ,Maung daw hit bullet wounded (Real bullet or Rubber ,Gass -need to be confirmed)Later the two were treated by the emergency medical team there.They are not serious .Another boy namely Shukkur (16 years) was beaten by the forces because of his argument with the authority .

Their demand is release them with UN cards or transfer them to the wider place where they can get
1. freedom of movement,better sleep ,medication
2.Freedom of reunion with their nearest person ,communication
3. Freedom of Protection by identification cards of UNHCR etc
The Rohingyas are still out side the rooms and demanding their freedom.

There is no justification to keep them longer in the cages as they are not criminals but ESCAPEES of GENOCIDES. THEY MUST BE FREED UNCONDITIONALLY AND ALLOW FULL ACCESS OF UNHCR.

In my point of view ,breaking the prison rooms is a crime according to the jail code but keeping the genocide escapees in the prison is also breaking of national and international law.

So ,please refrain blaming Rohingya detainees only rather than working for their immediate release .

We are very disturbed of continue news of Rohingyas' hue and cry.

My ardent request to The Prime Minister is to urgently  free them with full UN access.

Maung Kyaw Nu.

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