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please, read the following News of Burma(Myanmar)./SHABU DIN ,SISTTWE.

 Assalamu alaikum worahmotullah
Brothers and sisters,
please, read the following News of Burma(Myanmar).

Dear sir or madam, 
I am carrying on social welfare activities among the Rohingya community but we do not have the project nor the title so far. We are in the village like being in the prison. And our village remained in Sittwe downtown ,Rakhine State after most of the villages had been burnt by the rakhinese and notorious security police last year. We are not allowed to move from one village to another village. If the security find out that ,the police (Lon Htin) will put the innocent rohingya Muslim behind the bar. 

 1.We don't get enough ration as WFP is not allowed to provide rations to us, and the medical assistance as well as there are no registered IDP camps even if there are IDPs in our quarter.There has been 1 year and 4months that we are blocked and do not receive a single seed of rice from Myanmar government. But some Muslim donors provide rations to us but it is not enough to cover for all the people here.

 Many of us need to stay being starved like having just one time of poor meal at 3:30PM in the middle of the day, in order to cover both lunch and dinner for the whole day. Even if we want to have more we cannot afford.

 2.No one has job as we cannot go out to work from our village. Most of we were merchants, making fortune in the Sittwe Municipal market before the one side communal violence. And there are 145 shops which belongs to rohingya muslims, But all of those are closed. We are running our lives by selling the properties we had left for instant gold, furniture set(chair,table,bed....etc) and house stuffs. 
3.We are not allowed to go to buy food from the market, so One of the truck from our village goes to Dabaing market which is in the country side to buy food for the whole village twice a week with the security police by giving 1 drum of diesel(1 drum of diesel=160000 kyats=160$) to the state ministry office

4. When we give money to the police or military to buy important medicines for the Emergency patients, they disappeared with the money. When we informed to the police or military incharge, they reply that the one who took the money from us was transferred. Sometimes they buy us the things being double price or more than double price. When we give money to them to buy 10 items of goods, they just buy 7 items being double price and the rest of 3 items were missing...what they say to us... The doctors are not allowed to enter to give treatment to us. 

The doctors without borders entered in our quarter to give medical assistance Monday and Thursday twice a week, since a couple week ago, but they don't get proper permission from the State minister to do so.

 If we have to admit to the hospital, we need to give 80000 kyats=80$ for the security only to accompany the patients to the sittwe general hospital. If we are almost die because of illness, we need to go to Dabaing clinic in the country side muslim populated area where all the IDP camps are, by giving 20000 kyats=20$ to the police security for a patient. Unless we give 20000 kyats(20 dollars),we are not allowed to go to the countryside.

 If we don't go to countryside ,we cannot be hospitalized as the ICRC cars are allowed to pick up the patients only from countryside like Thet Kay Pyin,Baw Du Fa,Da Baing village except our restricted quarter. But very few people can manage it; most of the people are died without having medical assistance.

 At night on 19.9.13,one of the pregnant women died of having complicated delivery with lower blood pressure after delivering her baby as lacking of medical assistance in Aung Min Gla quarter. And another one died of starving, called (U Rofique,46yrs)the household leader of the family that the whole family were being starved for several days from Kone Dan quarter last week.  

We need more assistance in terms of medical, livelihood, ration. We are welcome if anyone can directly provide us those sort of assistance for our lives. The government always mention to leave this Aung Min Gla Quarter and join IDP camps then we can have WFP ration there, otherwise, we will not have ration from any side in our quarter. The government are tactfully dispelling us from our quarter Sittwe township, Rakhine state. 

  Recently, the Rakhine state minister officially declared that all the displaced people from Aung Min Galar quarter need to leave the quarter and they must join the camps in Baw Du Fa , Oon Daw Gyi camps to get shelter there in sittwe township from next month on. If they refuse to do so, the government will block providing ration which are donated by the Muslim donors. And the village leaders confiscated all the ration lists from the IDPs, in order not to have ration in Aung Min Galar with all the connected muslim quarters in the future. Eventually, the IDPs from Aung Min Galar and the rest connected muslims quarters, needed to go to the countryside to join the camps. After 3 days of that they had arrived in Thet Kay Pyin camps ,they received a mug and jerry can for water from WFP.And till now they haven’t received anything else like ration from anyone. 

They now are begging from the others to have meal especially for the children. Soon or later all of the rohingya muslim from Myanmar will become begger. 

 The students could study in any school they want but they now cannot move anywhere, so we had a discussion about the students’ lives here with the state education minister, so he allowed us to run the Primary School for our students in our quarter. There are now 1068 of students from Kindergarten to 6 th standard studying inside the quarter. And we couldn’t manage for the students from 7th standard to the matriculated from our quarter. There is no way for the rohingya university students to go and join the sittwe university as we don’t have lives security there.

 If one of the university wants to study or one of the patients needs to go from Rakhine state to elsewhere like Yangon, he or she needs to pay 2500000 kyats (2500$) to the state immigration minister.

There were 1168 of total households and 6233 of total people and then 699 of displaced people in our quarter and from the connected muslim quarters,according to the July-2013 data. There were some rohingya muslims shifted by forced of the Rakhine Minister from Aung Min Galar to the countryside like Thet Kay Pyin camps. We are very much concerned about any kinds of conflict ahead in the future. The governments are systematically killing us as if they cannot afford to stop these kind of bloody killings in Myanmar and the threat is still on going in Rakhine state. 

1. Continued periodic outbreaks of organized violence, regularly accompanied by either inaction or participation by government security forces, and agents provocateurs of unknown government affiliation;
2. An attempt by local governments within Rakhine to limit Rohingya reproduction by enforcing a two-child limit; 

3. A proposed ban on interfaith marriage is supported by extreme nationalist Buddhist monks and is being considered as legislation; 

4. The continued denial of aid to squalid camps and continuing movement restrictions, expropriation, displacement, and ghettoization of Rohingya; 

5. An attempt to perform a census of Rohingya, violently coercing them to register as “Bengali,” which may facilitate the creation of “death lists”; 

6. The continuing arrest of political prisoners despite presidential assurances to the contrary; 

7. Official government support for the ultra-nationalist 969 movement, which alienates Muslims and casts them as a threat; 

8. Burmese president Thein Sein’s proposed plan to resettle the Rohingya population abroad;
9. Thein Sein’s proclamation to continue denying citizenship to the Rohingya; 

10. The official denial of the existence of the Rohingya and institutionalized usage of hate speech even among moderates; and 

11. The silence of political moderates on the plight of the Rohingya.

12.The Myanmar govermentr openly allow the rakhinese to do smuggling from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

So, wewould like to ask for urgent UN protection in Myanmar. With kind regards

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