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10 August 2013 SITUATION UPDATE: West Sittwe Muslim Restricted/IDP Area

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  • 10 August 2013 SITUATION UPDATE: West Sittwe Muslim Restricted/IDP Area

    Transmitted by Nora E. Rowley MD MPH

    The District police (old NaSaKa) are still at the ODG police station.

    Today, IDPs have surrounded the station and police have been shooting into the crowd to disperse the Rohingya. The Rohingya have stayed in place. Because of communication shut down there is no news of the police shooting today has injured or killed more Rohigya. The Muslim ODG Village Admin and has been at the police station since yesterday morning. He is surrounded by the police inside the station and has not been allowed to leave. Any of his phone communications has been monitored. So, there is no information about the condition of 2 injured out of 4 kept at the ODG station and confirmation or denial of possible rape and detention of 2 Rohingya women.

    Based on the reliable information report I distributed 9 August 2013, there is no change in confirmed or suspected death toll. The death still remains- 2 confirmed dead- the initial dead body Photo First photo found at ODG police station and 1 of 7 shot in Baw Du Paw market, 2 believed dead- the 2 of 4 shot by police when ODG IDP's tried to retrieve dead body found but bodies still in ODG police station. The whereabouts and condition of the 2 of 4 ODG shooting victims who authorities said were to have been taken to Sittwe remain unknown. The 5th person shot when the District police arrived in ODG was taken to Da Paing hospital by Rohingya community- he was shot in the chest, not sure of his condition- the first photograph in this news article is the chest wound of this 5th shooting victim. The 6 or 7 BDP assault victims who survived have been taken care of by Rohingya community members at the BDP mosque compound.

    Some of 6 out of 7’s photos 2 and 3

    The stories about 2 women raped yesterday morning and kept at ODG police station are RUMORS that have not been proved or refuted.

    U Shwe Hla, Aungmingalar corrupt Rohingya USDP member and military/govt informant and co-conspirator who turned U Kyaw Hla Aung in, came to the BDP this afternoon. At the burial of the 1 of 7 BDP victims that died, U Shwe Hla remained in the military vehicle but had an IDP intermediary tell the BDP IDPs at the road blockade that the Yangon Ullama wanted them to take down the blockade because it made them look like terrorists. Because of the fear of looking like terrorists, the BDP IDPs started taking down the road blockade.

    Meanwhile the ODG police had detained several ODP Rohingya. This afternoon, Rohingya IDPs found out that a police vehicle took detainees via the Set Tet Maw Gyi (STMG) Road, i.e. around the BDP roadblock, to Sittwe.

    This morning, that police car was seen in DaPaing and had 8 Rohingya, which included one woman.

    So, IDPs set up a road blockade in STMG and the BDP IDPs rebuilt that road blockade. BDP IDPs called Yangon Ullama who denied having sent any message to them regarding road blockade.
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