Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Seven More Escaped Phuket Rohingya Arrested: 23 Still Free

Seven More Escaped Phuket Rohingya Arrested: 23 Still Free
Photo by official mugshots
Maung Kyaw Nu's comment-
The only solution is shifting Rohingya detainees to the proposed Refugee camps where their future will be determined by the UNHCR. According to our sources most of the escaping Rohingyas fall at the hands of traffickers and have to arrange 2000 USD to be freed . The Thai authority should arrange a wider space for these Refugees of genocides. These boat people detainees 's only request is to transfer them  a bit better place where they can walk and get breathing space. We also learned that some big ships arranged by the traffickers are at large in the sea near the Norther Arakan. There are still many Rohingyas at the custody of traffickers. Its needs to educate the local people about the dangerous of trafficking .I am sincerely asking local people ,news agencies and law enforcing agencies' help in this regards.
Thanks to the Phuketwan for their excellent services for the humanity.
Maung Kyaw Nu,
President,Burmese Rohingya Associatio in Thailand ,B.R.A.T


Seven More Escaped Phuket Rohingya Arrested: 23 Still Free

By Chutima Sidasathian

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Latest The number of Rohingya on the loose on Phuket has been reduced to 23 with the apprehension of a total of 15 men so far. More »

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