Monday, 5 August 2013


I appreciated Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) chairman Jusuf Kalla has called for religious leaders worldwide to promote tolerance and peace among followers in order to prevent terrorism carried out in the name of religion.

I also condemn every kind of terrorism and attacking to the  religious subjects of different belief.

Where Mr Kalla has seen improvement of Rohingyas ???

But I can't agree his assessment of genocide on Rohingyas. Mr Kalla maybe not aware that genocide is going most of the areas in Arakan in hidden ways. A wide spread of Rohingyas flee for third countries by boats , neighboring Bangladesh and India due to various type of policies implementing by Thien Sein and racist RNDP forces in Arakan. The death tolls are increasing day by day due to lack of every essential necessity which human beings minimum need to be alive. 
Therefore, this is my ardently request to Foreign visitors to look double side of coin before going detail of easy assessment to our dying community.
 In Rohingya areas wide spread arrest, killing ,raping and extortion of money are everyday conducted by the regime. Still the Rohingyas are not yet allocated to their original home places and justice is not given .Most of the Mosques and Religious schools are not yet rebuilt.The war criminals are not yet booked for trail .Most of the areas Holy Ramdan and night prayers are barred .Rohingyas pass the time in fear around the clocks. Arakan is one of the fearing places Rohingyas for the in the world.
 Where Mr Kalla has seen improvement of Rohingyas ???

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