Thursday, 8 August 2013

Captive Rohingya Riot North of Phuket: Police, Immigration in Standoff


This is very unfortunate news during Holy Eid day . Actually this incident of Pang Nga IDC is neither riot or escaping attempt.The Rohingya detainees simply appealed for a Imam (Religious teacher ) ,a Qudbah (a religious presentation note during Holy Eid) and a wider place for praying . During this time,a fellow Burman muscleman (known as wanna) attacked and kicked the nearby Rohingyas . The muscle guy also insulted the religion and the Eid Congregation Program. The dishonoring of Burman muscle guy is the main fact of today accident . He must be transferred . 
We should have to understand that the Rohingya detainees become mentally sick due to long time detaining overcrowded places for seven months . They must be met minimum requirement as per the prison code of Thailand. They are not criminals but escapees of genocide for Arakan. They deserve to be Refugees according to the Internation law and UN convention. I asked many times  to release them and shelter in the Rofugee camps by providing full access to the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees ,UNHCR .Further keeping this war refugges in the cages are fully unjustifiable .

  I am also saddened because of failing family reunion during this Holy day. The family reunion is our long time demand .But today it was flopped . Please arrange the family reunion process again.Their hue and cry is unbearable . They are human beings,too.

 Therefore,  this's my sincere appeal before the concerned authorities to sympathize these Rohingya detainees and transfer them to proposed Refugee camps.  Please come forwards to solve this humanitarian crisis .
Maung Kyaw Nu,
President,Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand,B.R.A.T

Captive Rohingya Riot North of Phuket: Police, Immigration in Standoff

By Chutima Sidasathian and Alan Morison LIVE in Phang Nga
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Latest Police with batons surrounded Rohingya at Phang Nga Immigration centre this afternoon after a riot was suppressed with a high-pressure water hose. More »

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